We all know exercise is important in order to stay healthy; but who has time to go to the gym or workout for an hour every day. I don’t. But, I’m willing to bet you have 15 minutes. Here’s how to make it work so you can twinkle inside and out!

1. Commit. Commit to working out for 15 minutes EVERY day. Make it a priority, a nonnegotiable, like brushing your teeth.  

2. Give it your all. You are only exercising for a few minutes, so make it count by doing your best for those minutes. 

3. Mix it up. Do different types of workouts each day. Alternate days for cardio and strength training, also alternate days for training different muscle groups.

4. Give yourself recovery days. Include 1 or 2 recovery days a week to give muscles a chance to rebuild. Take 15 minutes on recovery days to stretch or go for a relaxing walk.


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